Schlett and Harris Connections


Thomas Headlee I

Per Alvah John Washington Headlee in his book, "Headlee Migrations," Thomas is listed in 1800 census rolls for Burke Co., NC.  In 1805 or 1806 he & his bros. John and Joshua migrated to Shannon Run, Greene Co., PA where bro. Ephraim had settled about 10 years previous.  On 4 Dec. 1806 Thomas bought 75 acres from John.  On 26 Aug. 1826 he sold to Joshua.  Bought land on Maricle Run, Batelle District, Monongalia Co., VA shortly before Aug. 1826.  Bought land on Dunkard Creek on 14 May 1828, Maricle Run on 30 Mar. 1830 and 143 acres 10 Sep. 1834.

Sarah Asher

01/02/1999. Surname is from: