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When we were young, my sister Ann and I read the Williamsburg series by Elswyth Thane. Those books piqued my interest in family history. My personal search began in earnest in the fall of 1980, a year after my husband and I moved to Springfield, Missouri. During our many trips to DeSoto, my Aunt Mary Lou shared Schlett/Cook information with me. One of the family stories was that my great-great grandfather, James Cook, had 20 children. My first "eureka" moment came when I found James in the 1860 census with his first wife, Susan, and six (6) children. Eventually I confirmed a seventh (7th) child with Susan and 10 children with Marie Marguerite (his second wife and my great-great grandmother). Thus it is possible that he did, indeed, have 20 children. Some of my distant cousins list "Asa" as James' middle name and that he was born in Cumberland Gap, Kentucky. I like to make my own confirmations but I have not verified either his middle name nor his place of birth. If anyone can direct me to sources, I would be most appreciative. Another family story was that we were descended from Captain Cook, the explorer. Apparently this is a story familiar to many, many Cook families (who must be connected in some way to our Cooks). However, Captain Cook's children did not have any issue so the common ancestor must be Captain Cook's parents. Over the years I have been negligent/incomplete on siting many of my sources but I hope to fill-in as time permits. As you look through my information, you may encounter various anomalies (mistakes which I made). Of course, a computer "bug" did not help anything. Please enjoy.

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